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Jul 26 '12

Vote for my D&D NEXT ad!

I need your help!

Please visit the Zooppa Media Facebook page to vote for my entry in their D&D Next advertising contest. CLICK HERE to see it and vote for it! It’s titled 'Your Game. Your Way.'

I’ve always stood by making D&D as simple and accessible to newcomers as possible, and this ad reflects that. Most of the other entries are filled with in-game jokes and references to things only veteran D&D players would recognize. I feel that doing so does a disservice to the game and its audience.  

In addition, the prize for this contest could benefit me greatly. I’ll admit, my financial situation at the moment isn’t the brightest. Honestly, the outcome of this contest could determine whether I have a roof over my head in a couple of months.

Please take the five minutes out of your day to vote for this video. You’d be making a difference not only in my life, but hopefully also in how D&D is marketed. CLICK HERE to see and vote for it! You’re voting for the one titled 'Your Game. Your Way.'

Thank you very much!

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