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Jul 31 '14

1stormageddondarklordofall1 asked:

dude, calm the fuck down. people are entitled to there opinions and so are you, but making this a big deal just makes you look like a huge turtle dick. you can message me if you want to go all ape shit, but please dont do it annon. its just plain annoying

Here’s the thing. What has gone on via Google+ in regards to Zak S and the controversy surrounding him as a 5e consultant keeps coming back to one thing: 

He’s been accused/keeps being accused of making death threats, when there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to prove that. Those aren’t opinions. They’re accusations. Harmful ones.  

If I get a bit of hate for pointing that out, so be it. But I’m not going to keep quiet about the hate I get. 

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Jul 31 '14

Some anonymous hate/threats I got today…




[NOTE: All non-anonymous people were reached out to and asked permission before the below screen captures were used. Those who did not give permission have had their names/icons changed to Mass Effect characters]

So I received these anonymous messages over tumblr at around 4:30pm EST today. One after another after another. 

Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Well, it probably starts here…

Mandy Morbid, of I Hit it With My Axe fame, wrote this detailed post about her experiences with the online harassment she and her boyfriend Zak S received. It’s a well written and put together post, and I reblogged it. Here. 

Yesterday, on Google+, Zak S shared a tumblr post from Fail Forward, titled "How Dungeons & Dragons is endorsing the darkest parts of the RPG community". It has to do with the new edition of D&D (5e) having consultants (namely Zak S) work on it, and how said consultants are “toxic” to the RPG community. It’s an article I strongly disagree with because no evidence is provided to back up Fail Forward’s allegations of harassment from Zak S. 

Later that day, Zak S posted a screen capture of this exchange between him and Jacob Randolph on twitter. In it, Zak demands evidence when Jacob accuses him of having made death threats to people.

I re-shared it to my circles on Google+. This is it below.


Here are all the comments I made to the original post, as well as people who responded to me:



Here are all the comments left on my re-shared post as of 5:15pm today:






And now, I’ve gotten some hate for it all. I’ve gotten some hate for asking for evidence when someone I know has been accused of making death threats. I’ve been accused of being a misogynist, and someone has posted my home address, followed by "someone pays you a visit, fucker".

…that’s kind of fucked up. 

I rarely post or reblog anything personal or centred around drama on Dungeons & Donuts. I just make RPG related art and comics and junk, and then I post it. You guys like and reblog my stuff, which I see. I see that happen, and my body converts those seen likes/reblogs into riboflavin, and it helps me live. That’s how this normally goes.

I cannot keep doing that if I’m gonna get a host of anonymous hate and threats on here. I cannot ignore this and let it slide without saying and doing something.

That’ll probably cost me tumblr followers. Fine. Don’t care. 

The Burden of Proof in cases of Harassment:

All of this stems from Zak S having been accused of making threats of violence/death to people on the internet. An accusation that none of his accusers have so far been able to prove. 

As I’d said to Sarenin the Google+ comments above, I feel that women and men who claim to have been threatened and harassed deserve the benefit of the doubt for the most part. If in a similar situation, where a friend or colleague came to me saying "Person X threatened to hurt/kill me!", my immediate gut reaction would be "Oh shit, that Person X is an asshole. I’mma go fuck ‘em up!"

However…I think that trust in a person, especially a person known only via interaction on the internet, should not extend to the point where evidence of the threatening isn’t required, especially after those accusations have been made and contested. If someone (Jacob Randolph) accuses another person (Zak S) of threatening someone else (unnamed party) with violence and death, the person making the accusation (Jacob Randolph) or the person threatened (unnamed party) also needs to provide evidence of that threat.

If no evidence can be found, then the accusations must be considered untrue.

That said, I am currently looking for that evidence, and looking hard. 

I have been scouring RPG.net, Something Awful forums, posts and threads on Google+, various independent blogs, and other sites for the past day or so, looking for anything that might qualify as a threat of violence or death made by Zak S, or any related parties acting on his behalf. I will continue to do so until I have found something, or turned up nothing enough times to be reasonably sure. 

I’m looking for screen grabs, tweets, G+ posts, forum posts, comments, any hard, sharable evidence that can be posted for all to see, whether it was private or public.

So far, here’s what I’ve come up with…

  1. Forums are an antiquated and garbage way for communities to chat.
  2. I have found no evidence to support that Zak S has threatened anyone with violence/death.

I am not finished looking, but so far, that’s what I’ve found.

Am I a Misogynist?:

Are you serious?

No. I’m not a misogynist. 

Want proof? Look through my tumblr archive. There are only 320 or so posts, most of them images. It won’t take you that long. Try and find a single instance of me being sexist or misogynist or a bully. A single instance. 

If you can find one, feel free to share it. Share it and ask for opinions. “Is the guy who posted this misogynistic?” I guarantee you won’t get many affirmative responses.  

Better yet…

To the person who decided to share my home address:

Notice how I’ve posted a screen of your message, threatening me and using my home address? If you are one of the people who has accused Zak S of something similar, notice how no evidence of Zak doing anything like what you just did has surfaced? I have at least bothered to provide some shred of evidence of your threat. 

If you think I’m the least bit intimidated or threatened by you, I’m not. 

My name is Kiel Chenier. I’m 26. I live in Brampton, Ontario. I do video editing and design for a living. 

Here’s a picture of me. I’m not exactly hard to spot.

Here’s me on Facebook.

Here’s me on Google+. I post things publicly there. 

Here’s me on YouTube. I’ve won awards for at least 3 videos. 

Here’s me on Twitter. 

Go ahead, look me up. 

See me in the streets. 

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Jul 28 '14

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Jul 26 '14

Last minute modron miniatures for tomorrow’s game. Unfortunately don’t have time to paint them up, but they’ll do in a pinch. 

I’ve always loved modrons, not so much for their roots in D&D and Planescape, but for their general weirdness. They look like a 3rd grader’s doodle that someone turned into a monster, and their “unrealness” is equally adorable as it is unnerving. 

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Jul 24 '14
Homebrew Generica campaign map, being used for the new D&D adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver.
Heavily influenced by Shovel Knight. 

Homebrew Generica campaign map, being used for the new D&D adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Heavily influenced by Shovel Knight. 

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Jul 20 '14

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Jul 18 '14


So…my husband has been writing an tabletop RPG for the last several months and I want to brag a little. He’s creating a d&d sorta system that’s based on common sense and simplicity. It’s easy enough I can understand it and full of ideas that more seasoned players can gleam new stuff from. Basically it’s all fresh outlooks at familiar concepts.

And the art by Grey Wiz is AMAZING! Look at this shit! Hubbs writes something and Greg makes it gorgeous. I want to cry every time I see it.

Follow their blog “Break!!” for updates. Eventually they’ll release a PDF and hopefully eventually a book.

Go throw money at it when there’s a chance. Until then go read and marvel at it.


I’ve been following Grey and Reynaldo’s work on Break!! since it was just a twinkle in their eyes. If you’re into tabletop RPG art at all, this is a BIG project to follow. I foresee big success for these gentlemen. 

(Source: ginger-snapcosplay)

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Jul 18 '14

Trying out watercolours for the first time in years.

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Jul 11 '14

tobogganhawk asked:

I'm a new follower, and I want you to tell me about your love of Jet Jaguar

What more can be said about Godzilla’s greatest ally?

"He jock it made of steel. Eats sushi from a pail. He mother never really love him"

Jul 11 '14

Oh snap!

Lindsay Small just reblogged my latest review! If you’re following me but not following her, that’s totally whack. Check out her awesome animation and design work. 

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Jul 7 '14


New review for the D&D Starter Set. Check it out HERE.

Update: You can view the review as hi-res jpegs over on my imgur. 

Reblogged for new imgur link added. For easier legibility. 

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Jul 7 '14

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